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personal-injuryIf you or a family member has suffered personal injury or death in a car crash or auto accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, bike accident, skiing accident, from any kind of fall or premise liability—and the injury wasn’t your fault—our experienced Vermont personal injury lawyers can help. We also aggressively fight for victims of medical malpractice or negligence and their families. If a family member was killed because of the actions of someone else, you want us fighting for you.

Get the treatment and compensation you deserve

Medical bills and co-pays tend to pile up after personal injuries, while lost wages from work make it even harder to afford the necessary medical treatment that you need after your accident.

Call 1-800-995-4807 for a free legal consultation and evaluation. Biggam, Fox & Skinner’s personal injury lawyers have successfully represented clients in personal injury claims resulting in millions of dollars in settlements to substantial jury verdicts at trial in Vermont. All of our seasoned attorneys are admitted to practice law in State and Federal Court in Vermont. We never represent insurance companies we only represent regular people as plaintiffs.

Talk to a lawyer before signing insurance settlements

Typically an insurance adjuster will rush you to settle your personal injury claim. See, insurance companies like to settle cases quickly—but only at bargain rates. This is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney from a reputable law firm to represent your case. Without us in your corner, they will take advantage of you by giving you far less than you deserve. The general release that insurance companies want you to sign gets them and the person who injured you off the hook forever. Even if your medical or other damages prove greater than expected, they will not pay you any more money later. Even if the full extent of your damages or injuries are not yet known. Since personal injury settlements are final, you have to act now before it is too late.

Over the past thirty years, Biggam, Fox and Skinner has grown to become one of Vermont’s largest pinjury law firms and we know that satisfied clients are our most important asset. That’s why there’s never a charge unless we’re successful with your claim. Be sure to contact Biggam, Fox & Skinner using the form below or just call our toll free number 1-800-967-5377 for a no-charge, no obligation personal injury case evaluation and consultation. The call costs nothing and could result in a much better result for you and your family.

Examples of cases our Vermont personal injury lawyers have worked on

Successful insurance reimbursement

One day in the summer of 2005, Kathleen was driving on Interstate 89 when another car clipped her bumper, causing Kathleen’s car to flip over and land in the median. Kathleen’s arm was crushed and she spent weeks in the Intensive Care Unit for her injuries. The other driver was from out of state, and their insurance company kept calling Kathleen, demanding she sign medical releases. Kathleen couldn’t even move her hand. Kathleen wanted to know her rights and she wanted compensation for what had happened to her. She chose Biggam Fox & Skinner and they negotiated a settlement of $950,000 for Kathleen’s lost wages and injuries.

Proving negligence

Tom hired Biggam Fox & Skinner after being struck by a car while crossing an Essex street in the winter of 2008. The driver said it was Tom’s fault because Tom had suddenly stepped into the street without warning, and because Tom had not used a crosswalk. Tom turned to Biggam Fox & Skinner to prove the driver was at fault. Biggam Fox & Skinner found a witness who had seen the driver talking on her cell phone and not paying attention when she hit the pedestrian. After BFS obtained the driver’s cell phone records and the 911 records, the driver’s insurance company knew its client was at fault. Not only did BFS prove the accident was not Tom’s fault, it also recovered a substantial amount of money for Tom.

Insurance reimbursement help

Sarah, a nurse, was staying with her family at a hotel in January 2008 when she slipped stepping into the tub. She went to the local ER for the stomach pain and bruises she developed after the fall. Luckily, Sarah’s injuries were minor and she just needed time to heal. A month later Sarah was surprised to receive a letter from her health insurance company telling her they were not responsible for paying her ER bill if a third party was at fault. Sarah had never considered filing a personal injury claim before and she needed advice about who was responsible for paying the ER bill. Sarah hired Biggam Fox and Skinner, who handled everything for her. BFS showed the hotel was negligent for keeping the tub in an unsafe condition, and they negotiated a $15,000 settlement between Sarah’s health insurer, the hospital, and the hotel.


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