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Social Security Disability

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The federal Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability programs provide assistance to people with disabilities, but only those who meet specific medical criteria qualify for benefits. Even if your Social Security claim for benefits has been denied, or if you haven’t worked, or if you live from paycheck to paycheck, or have few assets, you may still be entitled to SSI or SSDI.

Increase your chances of a favorable decision

Filing for Social Security disability is often a lengthy and frustrating process. Our Social Security lawyers can’t speed up the process, but we can help you with your claim, increasing your chances of a favorable decision. Even with a strong SS disability case you are likely to get denied unless you know the ins and outs of the Social Security system. Someone at the Social Security Administration may take your phone call, but they are unlikely to give you the guidance and advice that you really need. For disability claims it is important to be persistent. The majority of all Social Security disability applications are denied initially but for those people who appeal, the success rate is much greater.

How we can help you get the benefits you deserve

Biggam, Fox & Skinner has more than ten years experience helping the people of Vermont and New Hampshire navigate Social Security’s daunting bureaucracy and red tape. Our law firm has specialized in guiding disability cases through the Social Security process. We always make sure that the Social Security Administration is getting the right information to successfully handle your SSI or SSDI claim, and grant you the benefits you rightfully deserve. Our specialized Social Security lawyers have successfully recovered back-owed Social Security disability benefits and monthly income benefits for hundreds of Vermont and New Hampshire clients. We know the system, what requirements need to be met, what information we need to gather, what additional records need to be included, and which doctors to talk with to get your claim approved.

Here are some of the ways Biggam, Fox & Skinner helps clients win cases:

  • We help clients fill out Social Security forms (such as the Pain Report, Function Report, Work History, Disability Appeal Report, and more).
  • We ask doctors questions about medical issues that are essential to the claim.
  • We gather medical records and other important evidence which Social Security has overlooked or not received.
  • We explain the law and the disability claim process.
  • We accompany clients to their hearings and argue their case before an Administrative Law Judge.

If you think lawyers are expensive, hear this: no fees up-front. Biggam, Fox & Skinner knows that it can be difficult to pay legal fees, especially during disability when money is even tighter, or not coming in at all. That’s why our Vermont and New Hampshire SSDI and SSI lawyers work free of charge, unless we’re successful with your Social Security claim. And, if we win your case, our fees are capped. You will know when you sign up with us what the maximum fee could be.

Examples of cases our Vermont and New Hampshire Social Security attorneys have worked on

Please note that all names in these examples have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy.

Joanne’s story:

Joanne’s back surgery in her early twenties caused chronic back pain, but it never stopped her from working or raising her family. Then, when she was in her early forties, Joanne injured her shoulder. Between her worsening back pain and shoulder problems, Joanne could no longer work. She applied for SSDI and received a denial letter from Social Security that read,

“Although you have pain and discomfort, the records show you are able to move about and use your arms, hands, and legs for most everyday activities. You could perform your past work.”

Joanne thought that Social Security made the wrong decision so she called Biggam, Fox & Skinner’s Social Security attorneys. We gathered evidence from Joanne’s doctors and family, and represented her at her hearing before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)—an official who is often called in to resolve a dispute between the Social Security Administration and people who have been denied benefits. The ALJ agreed that Joanne was disabled since February 2006 and awarded her over $22,000 in past due benefits.

Carl’s story:

Carl worked most of his life as a custodian. Then, in his early fifties he started having back problems. His family urged him to apply for Social Security Disability benefits but he was denied. Social Security’s letter said that his “condition was not severe enough to be disabling.” In the summer of 2005, Carl and his family turned to Biggam, Fox & Skinner’s specialized Social Security lawyers. BFS demonstrated that Social Security’s denial was wrong and that Carl should receive disability benefits. Thanks to BFS’ help, Carl received over $40,000 in past-due benefits.

Linda’s story:

Linda had struggled with mental illness since childhood. Her parents submitted an application for Social Security disability benefits when Linda was in her teens, but she was denied. Over the years, Linda wondered whether she could file a new claim or if she would be denied again. She turned to Biggam, Fox & Skinner. BFS showed Linda was disabled since childhood and that Social Security had not properly decided her original claim. Thanks to BFS, Linda received a favorable decision in September 2008, and was awarded $280,000 in benefits dating back to 1981.


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