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What Will My Monthly Social Security Disability Benefits Be?

iStock_000000732114MediumDisability paralegal Tasha Turner replies: “Understandably, this is a very common question but we usually can’t estimate the amount until further on in the case when we review your earnings reports. People are usually surprised to learn that the monthly disability payment is a lot lower than they think. At the beginning of 2015, the average monthly benefit was $1,165, which is not far above the 2015 poverty level of $11,770 annually. The maximum disability benefit in 2015 is $2,663 per month. “Everyone’s Social Security disability benefits are different because they are calculated from your covered earnings (the wages you paid Social Security taxes on) before you became disabled. Getting other disability payments, like workers’ compensation, can reduce your Social Security disability benefits. You should call us to see if we can help to minimize your offset. Having us review your situation may also result in a higher benefit. “For many disability beneficiaries, that monthly check is often their only source of income. The popular perception in some circles that people on Social Security have it easy is really not supported by the facts.” For more facts about Social Security disability, visit the Social Security Administration’s web site at


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