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“On at least two occasions, Kelly talked with me on the phone months before I was even a client. Having Kelly and Tasha on my side has greatly decreased my level of stress. The people at Biggam, Fox & Skinner truly care.”

Lisa, Graniteville VT

“Kelly and team were amazing. I felt very respected, supported, and validated throughout this process. Kelly is a true fighter with a brilliant legal mind.”

Lindsay, Moretown VT

“BFS was wonderful to work with! They kept me informed at all times and did an amazing job with everything. I would highly recommend BFS to anyone!”

Todd, Rutland VT

“The staff acted in a very professional and courteous manner, going above and beyond what I expected, especially when my situation was in need of help. The staff showed much compassion.”

Kevin, New Port Richey, FL


Biggam, Fox & Skinner will get you results

“The services from Biggam, Fox & Skinner were very friendly and professional. Don’t do it alone. Call Biggam, Fox & Skinner. They are professionals in the workers’ comp laws. They treat you with respect and they don’t get paid until you get paid. If you’re stressed out and don’t know what to do to move forward, call them. They will get you results. Thanks for all you did for me!”

Francine, East Montpelier, VT

What do our clients say about working with Biggam, Fox & Skinner?

“Kelly and Tasha provided legal and emotional support. It is so difficult when you are very ill to deal with legal matters and Social Security telling you that you are OK to work full time. You have assisted me twice now and I am very grateful.” Loretta, Middlesex VT

“Smart, fast, professional, kind, and friendly.” Walter, Brattleboro VT

“Biggam, Fox & Skinner provided me with quick responses to my questions and needs with answers and satisfying reasons. If I need them again in the future, I know where to go.” Christopher, Lyndonville VT

“I have been around a lot of attorney’s offices; never been treated as well as Biggam, Fox & Skinner. Phone calls answered fast!“. Edward Shattuck, St. Johnsbury VT

“Your help was very much appreciated. I am pleased Donna recommended you.” Martha, Barre VT

Biggam, Fox & Skinner went beyond the call of duty

“Heidi Groff and her assistant came to the nursing home and interviewed me immediately. All my phone calls and e-mails were answered ASAP and I was given all the information pertinent to my case. I believe they worked way beyond the call of duty! We were on a nice, friendly, professional basis. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again but hopefully not because of a tragedy like this one. I’m full of gratitude for them. Thank you.” Sally Reed, Newport VT

BFS were the only attorneys who would listen

“Before I sought legal help, I was not being reimbursed for medical travel expenses for my eye disability. Everywhere I went, no one would help me. I was frustrated and disappointed because I was told by several attorneys that they couldn’t help me. I decided to get help from Biggam, Fox & Skinner, whom a friend had sought out on the internet, because of not getting answers from other attorneys. Ron Fox helped me so much. I felt informed by this firm and finally had an attorney who would listen to my case. My experience with Biggam, Fox & Skinner was great; they really helped me a lot. They were compassionate and understanding. I was very happy with the outcome. Biggam, Fox & Skinner found the insurance company responsible for these expenses. I would highly recommend Biggam, Fox & Skinner. Great results!” Terry T., Port Henry, NY.

Biggam, Fox & Skinner saved my life

iStock_000000409863_Small-700x441“When I contacted you, I had been driving long-haul, 18-wheeler tractor-trailers for about one and a half years with severe back pain. I got injured by slipping and falling from the trailer during an ice storm in North Carolina. I was referred to Biggam, Fox & Skinner by another driver who had great results with your services – just like I did.

“I was working with over-the-counter meds, destroying my stomach and the meds weren’t working. I had to quit driving for I could not stand the pain anymore. Workers’ comp was giving me the runaround and I had no way to pay my bills. With the help of Ron Fox, I got attention and he got the ball rolling. I had a frayed sciatic nerve, two herniated discs, and the muscle pulled from the hip. “To cut a long story short, Mr. Fox has saved my life, mentally, physically, and now financially after his devoted attention and rewarding settlement. I am so very pleased to have done business with Biggam, Fox & Skinner.” Raymond Gaudette, Swanton, VT.


Edward Shattuck, St. Johnsbury, VT

"I have been around a lot of attorney's offices; never been treated as well as Biggam, Fox & Skinner. Phone calls answered fast!"

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