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YOU WIN: Automotive Worker Wins Claim for Back Injury

Burlington, VT – Our client, the assistant manager of Sears Automotive, suffered a lower back injury as a result of bending over the hood of a vehicle for several hours. After months of conservative treatment, continued pain, and time off work, our client underwent a lumbar surgery. Although this improved his back condition, he had been out of work for nearly two years from the date of the injury. Sears denied his workers’ compensation claim because, they claimed, his injury had not occurred at work but on the vacation he had taken just days before the incident at work bending over the car. Our client hired us to appeal the claim denial and to hold his employer accountable to pay the money they owed him for his work-related injury. We hired a medical expert whose opinion the Commissioner of Labor accepted at the hearing. We won the case and our client was awarded more than $125,000 in benefits including:
  • temporary total wage replacement disability benefits for the entire period of time he missed from work (an amount of almost $50,000)
  • 100% payment of his medical treatment to date and ongoing for the rest of his life
  • permanent partial disability benefits in the amount of nearly $35,000
Before hiring us, his workers’ compensation claim had been denied in its entirety and the employer was unwilling to pay him anything.


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