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Attorney Groff Celebrates 20 Years with Biggam Fox Skinner LLP

Everyone here at Biggam Fox Skinner LLP would like to congratulate Heidi Groff for her 20 years of service with our law firm. For the last two decades, attorney Groff has been helping clients throughout…

Workers Compensation

Can You Get Workers’ Compensation for Depression?

When you think about workers’ compensation, you may initially picture severe physical injuries sustained while on the clock. While this can be true, what about workplace injuries that can’t be seen, such…


Springtime in Vermont Photo Contest

Are you looking forward to spring as much as we are? Do you have great spring photos of Vermont that you’d like to share? If so, enter Biggam Fox Skinner’s Springtime in Vermont photo contest! One winner…

Workers' Compensation

Denied Vermont Workers’ Compensation? Four Steps to Appeal

Has your workers’ compensation claim been denied? We can educate you about the steps to take.


What Steps to Take After Being Injured at Work

You’re just carrying out your normal morning routine, you've got your coffee on a brisk morning as you walk into work—CRASH! You wake up minutes later, disoriented, feeling excruciating pain in your back…

Firm News

Join Heidi Groff at the Washington County Bench & Bar Listening Tour

Are there sufficient legal services available in Washington County? How can we make legal services more affordable? What are some tips for people representing themselves in court? BFS partner Heidi Groff,…

Workers Compensation

Biggam Fox Skinner Fight Workers’ Compensation Rule Changes

After protests from our Vermont workers’ compensation attorneys at Biggam Fox Skinner and other plaintiff lawyers, the State of Vermont has abandoned a proposal to bring in new workers’ compensation rules…


Attorneys to Present at "Next Level Workers' Compensation Seminar"

Two attorneys will share their workers’ compensation expertise with other Vermont attorneys at a legal education seminar in Burlington on Friday January 25, 2019. Partners Kelly Massicotte and Heidi Groff…


Vermont Community is Ready to Help

Our Team Is Here for You: (802) 445-9141 Winter is tightening its grip, with last week’s storm leaving even more snow covering Vermont. At this time of year, many Vermonters are counting the days until…


Holiday Donations & Charitable Efforts by Washington County Bar Association

Attorney Heidi Groff Facilitates WCBA Fundraising Efforts this Holiday Season This holiday season, attorneys from the Washington County Bar Association (WCBA), including some here at Biggam Fox Skinner…

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