Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont
Compassionate with you. Fierce with insurance companies.

How we can help you

Better medical care. Higher compensation. Faster recovery.

Workers’ Compensation

Did you suffer a serious injury at work? Not only are you in pain, but now you also have to worry about your medical bills and how to earn a living going forward.

Don’t let the insurance company intimidate you into settling for less than you deserve. Let us take the stress away and help you:

  • Get the necessary medical procedures approved and your medical bills covered
  • Get you temporary and/or permanent benefits to help you recover faster and enjoy your life again
  • Negotiate a fair settlement

And the best part? You won’t have to deal with the insurance adjuster anymore.

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Personal Injury

Did you or your loved one get injured due to someone else’s negligence? Had a car accident or slipped on an icy walkway?

Often, it can be difficult to get the insurance company to pay. But not for us. We can help you make them:

  • Cover your past, present, and future medical bills related to the injury
  • Cover your lost wages and any other financial losses caused by the injury
  • Compensate you for your pain and suffering


Get fair compensation
In the last three years, we have recovered more than $20 million in settlements and agreements for our clients. For example:
$700,000 cash settlement
for a construction worker who fell from a scissor lift, injuring his neck
$640,000 in medical expenses
for a truck driver who broke his ribs and suffered other internal injuries in a fall
$75,000 in vocational rehabilitation benefits
for a medical technician who tore her rotator cuff, to become a nurse
"Ever since l started working with BFS, the stress has gone down and I received better pay. I'm back to being myself."
"BFS is handling two of my claims, and I really appreciate it. Trust them. Because they do a great job."
"I’d hire BFS all over again. But I’d do it sooner and call them the day after I got hurt. They did 101%."

Why Us?

With 40+ years of experience, we know the system inside and out

We’ve been helping injured people since 1979. After suing insurance companies for decades, we know the system inside and out. And we use our experience to consistently secure the best possible compensation for our clients.

Millions of dollars in compensation

We get money for our clients 99% of the time. In 2021, this meant securing over $10 million in medical treatments, settlements, wage replacement payments, and vocational training for our clients.

Compassionate with you. Fierce with insurance companies.

Our clients describe us as kind and caring. For many of them, we are the first to listen and treat them with respect. But they also call us “pit bulls” because of how fiercely we fight to get them the compensation they deserve.

Contact us today

Don’t wait until you’re behind on your medical bills. Contact us to get a FREE case evaluation. We respond within 24 hours and can usually evaluate your case on the same day.

"Knowledgeable, professional, extremely competent, understanding, and patient."

I had been injured while at work and suffered several life-changing injuries. I had a complicated case and a difficult and stubborn opposing counsel. My attorney was knowledgeable, professional, extremely competent, understanding, and very patient with me. He guided me through many pitfalls to obtain fair compensation for my injuries. I will be forever grateful for his efforts.

RB, tractor trailer driver
Middlesex, Vermont
"They care more about the health of their clients than money."

If you want good results and the highest payout possible, BFS is the place to go! They aren’t only good lawyers but your friends. My money that is behind, or any doctor that can’t get me in, they call and make it all happen right away. Many lawyers I've met just think about getting money; that's not BFS. They care more about the health of their clients than money.

EN, store clerk
Barre, Vermont
"They got me more money than I could have ever imagined."

When the insurance company stopped my payment for three weeks, I knew I needed help. I had no money. They denied my benefits and hung up on me. Life has been less stressful because of your help. BFS came highly recommended by another lawyer, and after I hired them, my life became less stressful. They got me more money than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t even think I would ever come close to this number.

KT, store clerk
Bennington, Vermont
"BFS got my medical expenses and procedures approved."

Took all the pressure off me in dealing with a workers’ compensation accident. They got approval for my much needed medical expenses and procedures that I kept getting turned down for. Can't thank them enough.

JB, maintenance worker
Bennington, Vermont
"Hiring BFS took a lot of the unnecessary stress away."

It was a work injury that I thought I could handle on my own. And then I got a letter from the insurance company, from their lawyer. I knew I wasn't gonna be able to go up against them by myself. Hiring BFS took a lot of the unnecessary stress away. They got me a lot of medical care and a very reasonable settlement.

EP, automotive technician
Greensboro, Vermont
"We would not have been able to do it by ourselves."

Hiring BFS gave me peace of mind. It was much easier having them deal with all the crap like late checks and no checks, and prescriptions not being approved on time. With BFS, we had someone who would really get after them and someone who knew what we were supposed to do. It was much easier than if we had been doing it ourselves. We would not have been able to do it by ourselves. BFS got us a settlement, and now we have some financial stability.

TM, granite worker
Washington, Vermont
"My physical problems are better addressed by the physicians now."

I was back and forth to the hospital without improvement; and dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance adjuster, it felt like they did not have my interest at heart. I was very frustrated. Hiring BFS relieved a lot of my stress and worry. My physical problems have been better addressed by the physicians, and I seemed to have better access to healthcare.

RH, automotive technician
Barton, Vermont
"BFS are skilled professionals who will fight for you and your needs."

I had bilateral bicep issues. But the company I was working for denied me any compensation, as well as medical and financial help. The stress that I was going through was unbelievably tough. But within a few days after hiring BFS, I received notice that I was going to get the medical and financial help I needed. I felt so relieved! They are truly skilled professionals who will fight for you and your needs.

CG, auto glass technician
Hardwick, Vermont
"BFS was able to successfully get my care restored multiple times."

I had been hurt on the job, and my employer was trying everything they could to get me to quit so that they would not have to take responsibility for the injury. BFS got my case resolved in a very favorable way. Over the past several years, the insurance company that handles my claim regularly stops paying and claims that I no longer need care. Every time, BFS was able to successfully get my care restored.

JF, salesperson
Waterbury, Vermont