Claim Process

Our Personal Injury Claim Process

How Our Vermont Attorneys Support Your Needs

First and foremost, we listen to our clients. In most cases, we will gather your medical bills and records and assess your other economic damages such as expenses, lost wages, benefits, and lost earning capacity. Our Vermont attorneys will listen to your personal injury case as you describe in detail the pain, suffering, and lost enjoyment of life that the accident has caused you and how the incident has changed your life and those around you.

Looking for Settlement Opportunities

If you are well on your way to recovery, we will discuss the value of your case with you and see if a settlement can be negotiated. If the insurance company is serious about settling your case and paying you the money that you rightfully deserve, your case could be settled fairly quickly.

Going to Trial When Necessary

If the insurer is not serious or is unwilling to pay you enough money for your injuries, we will file suit on your behalf and fight to win. Personal injury lawsuits can take a few months to several years from the time they are filed with the Vermont State Court (or Federal Court) until the case is scheduled for trial. In some cases, the full extent of your injuries will take time to be discovered and realized. Rather than lose that time, we can file suit in order to reserve a place in line for a court trial date.

Settling at Mediation

That said, many cases are still settled before trial, especially after the insurer’s lawyer has taken depositions (oral statements under oath) from you and from your doctors. All cases filed in Superior Court in Vermont are required to do mediation, which is another opportunity for the parties to get together, with their lawyers, and talk about a voluntary settlement. Our experienced litigators will help you through this process and maximize the potential to reach a settlement that makes sense and that fairly compensates you for your injuries. If the case does not settle at mediation it goes to trial. We are always prepared for that and will make sure you are prepared for that, too.

Working Toward the Resolution that is Right for You

If the case doesn’t settle at mediation, it may still settle at the very last moment before trial, “on the courthouse steps.” Ultimately, most personal injury, wrongful death cases don’t go to trial, but rather are settled out of court. With us on your side, you will have the security of knowing that we will fight for your claim, both outside and inside the courtroom.

"It was a pleasure and I had the greatest confidence and trust in my attorney."
- Gloria, Middlesex, VT