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Farm work is rigorous and conditions can be hazardous. High-impact kicks from cows, machinery malfunctions, unsanitary conditions, strenuous lifting, or accidental falls can all result in serious injury.

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We have experience representing farmworkers for workplace injury claims. We will fight for your right to receive medical assistance and compensation for your time missed while you were unable to work.

Common Farm Injuries

If the barn you work in is unsanitary or your boss has violated proper safety protocols, it could very easily lead to an accident or injury. You could also be kicked by a cow or injured by machinery, both situations leaving you with a serious injury.

Some of the most frequent injuries individuals sustain while on farms include:

  • Cow-kick injury
  • Back pain from lifting or falls at work
  • Arthritis
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Loss of limbs
  • Respiratory issues

Farm Housing Compensation

Vermont law states that the extra benefits you receive while living on the farm should be included in your average weekly wage calculation. If you lose these benefits, the insurer must compensate you by adding more money to your benefits check. We can help you claim this money back if we discover that the insurer has been paying you less than they should.

Workers’ Compensation if you are NOT a US Citizen

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If you are a legal employee, you are entitled to claim workers’ compensation for workplace injuries and illnesses. Being a legal employee means that you are getting a paycheck and your employee is withholding employment taxes on your behalf. If you are being paid cash “under the table”, then you are not a legal employee and you cannot claim workers’ compensation.

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