Rebecca Sahlin, Paralegal

Assisting Vermont Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Pat Biggam and Heidi Groff
Rebecca Sahlin

I joined the BFS team in May 2014, and am proud to help workers in need of representation. In my own work experience, BFS surpasses all others when it comes to both professionalism and atmosphere, and I hope that our clients and visitors feel that same sense of community and care when they walk through the door or give us a call. Making a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim is practically a full-time job in itself, and that’s why I am here to help.

I relocated to Vermont in 2003, fresh from Oberlin College and my home in Ohio, ready to start a new life in the Northeast Kingdom. There I taught Latin, Ancient History, and Art History to grades 3-12 for eight years. Following that, I traded the front of the classroom for a desk seat once again, as I earned my M.A. in Greek and Latin from the University of Vermont. Although I do not have a formal education in law, my love of Greek and Roman oratory is one reason why I was attracted to the legal field. I’m a student at heart, and am excited both to learn as I work, and, more importantly, to benefit others with my knowledge.

My other interests, in no particular order of importance, are rhetoric, linguistics, painting, sculpture, fashion design, film, stand-up comedy, anthropology, archaeology, museums in general, running, and hiking.

Rebecca Sahlin
"I am proud to help workers in need of representation."