Hear from Our Client: School Bus Driver, Colchester, Vermont

Client testimonial
Hear from Our Client: School Bus Driver, Colchester, Vermont

Our client FT not only has a great sense of humor but also a talent for writing reviews! Here's what FT had to say about their experience of trusting BFS with their Vermont workers' compensation claim.

"I had Heidi Groff handle my worker's compensation case, and she was just amazing! How she did this with a lazy client whose cooperation in his own case was slow to nonexistent was beyond me. I blabbed away and said all the wrong things, including some things that Heidi distinctly told me NOT to say at the deposition with the opponent's lawyer, yet Heidi was still able to arrange for me to land on top of a pile of money that was above and beyond what I had expected.

"This made my incompetence at turning in my injury-related medical expenses, resulting in them not being able to be turned in to the insurer in a timely manner for reimbursement, not seem so bad. The only shortcoming in my years of dealing with Heidi is that on mediation day when she provided a FREE lunch for everybody, I ordered a roast beef sub but got a chicken wrap. Still, it tasted pretty good but just sayin'."

Thank you, FT. We are happy we could help you improve your life after a work injury.