Client Feedback: Store Clerk, Bennington, Vermont

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Client Feedback: Store Clerk, Bennington, Vermont

Our client KT injured their shoulder through overuse. They were working 50-60 hours a week stocking shelves and cleaning at a convenience store. Here's what KT had to say about their experience of trusting BFS with their Vermont workers' compensation claim.

"When the insurance company stopped my payments for three weeks, I knew I needed help. I had no money. They denied my benefits and hung up on me.

"Then they called back and said they would pay me money, but I had to give up my job and they wouldn’t pay me anything to fix my shoulder. I knew I wasn’t going to do that. And I knew this was a work-related injury because it started at work when I was pulling products forward and putting products on shelves. I knew I was right, but no one was listening.

"BFS came highly recommended by another lawyer, and after I hired them, my life became less stressful. They got me more money than I could have ever imagined. I didn’t even think I would ever come close to this number.

"If I could say one thing to convince a friend to hire BFS, I would say that I know the best, smartest, funniest lawyers who will get the job done!”

Thank you, KT. We were glad to help!