Tips for Returning to Work After a Work Injury

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If you suffered a work injury in Vermont, you may be focused on getting back to work as soon as possible. Money may be tight because of lost wages. You may feel like you are unable to take care of your family. Wage replacement benefits only cover two-thirds of your normal weekly wage.

As long as a doctor has released you to return, going back to work can ease the stress and help you recover quicker. But getting back into the swing of things can be challenging when you have been out dealing with an injury.

Here, we provide some tips to ease the transition as you prepare to go back to work!

Keep in Contact With Your Employer

You must keep your employer informed about any out of work notes or work restrictions assigned to you while you are recovering from your work injury (unless you have been let go from your job). You do not need to tell your employer specific details of your treatment plan and recovery, but you should tell them about any significant progress or delays in your treatment, any work restrictions assigned, and when you might be released to return to work.

Keeping in touch with your employer can build their trust in you and your case. They can also be better prepared to accommodate you if you return to work with restrictions.

Do Not Go Back Before You Are Ready

No matter what, you should not go back to work or perform any job duties unless your doctor clears you to do so, even if you feel that you are getting better and believe you can handle it. You may be feeling good one day and believe yourself capable of performing physical tasks, then wind up making your original injury worse or hurting yourself in another way.

In addition, going back to work too early could cause problems for your case. If you return to work before the doctor releases you or if you work beyond the restrictions, you could hurt your claim and you could hurt yourself (by re-injuring yourself). You do not want to risk delaying your recovery or losing benefits, so always make sure you are following your doctor’s restrictions.

If you have been out of work and feel ready to return to work, or if you are working with restrictions and think you can do more, than you should discuss updating your restrictions with your doctor before doing so.

Listen to Your Body

After being out of work for a while, it can be tempting to want to put in some extra work to show you’re all better and ready to go. However, it’s important not to strain yourself If you are feeling any pain or hesitation about doing a particular job. You could potentially injure yourself again or aggravate your previous injury that is trying to heal.

Listen to how your body and your mind are feeling and don’t overdo it. Remember, the best way toward a full recovery is to take work one day and one step at a time and follow your doctor’s advice.

At Biggam Fox Skinner, we understand that returning to work can be extremely difficult, especially if you are returning to the same job that originally caused your injuries. If you’re feeling pressure from your employer or their insurance company to return to work, you need legal advocates on your side who will help ensure you don’t go back to work before you are medically ready.

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