Client Feedback: Granite Worker, Washington, Vermont

What our clients are saying
Client Feedback: Granite Worker, Washington, Vermont

Our client TM was injured when the strap on a crane broke and a block of granite fell on them. Here's what TM had to say about their experience of trusting BFS with their Vermont workers' compensation claim.

"We absolutely knew that we needed help and a lawyer because we were fighting the granite shed, and they were giving us a hard time. We asked friends and family who they knew and trusted. And they recommended BFS.

"Hiring BFS gave me peace of mind. It was much easier having them deal with all the crap like late checks and no checks and prescriptions not being approved on time. We would not have been able to do it by ourselves. No one knows what to do when they get hurt at work; no one thinks about it or goes down this road until they have to.

"With BFS, we had someone who would really get after them. It was much easier than if we had been doing it ourselves. BFS got us a settlement, and now we have some financial stability.

“BFS will fight their hardest for you. They really care about you as a person, and they understand your situation, and they truly want to help. We made the right choice when we trusted BFS. They never talked down to us. They are straightforward.”

Thank you, TM. We were glad to help!